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tgc - Die Ernaehrungs-Fachschaft

Current: cia

Hinweise und Bitten an unsere CIA-Freunde.

hello cia. i think i am evil. please bomb me. thank you.
hello cia. you did shit. you bombed my neighbour. he was very nice and had elvis-collection and america-boxershort.
hello cia. yesterday i walked around and i saw a mountain. i think taliban and al qaida are there. please bomb that mountain away. thank you.
hello CIA. i am patriot. i want kill taliban. please give me big gun. thank you.
dear cia...please send me some viagra coz i want to fuck bin laden hard. thank you.
hello cia. send me much becks beer because when i drink much beer i can hate arabs much better.
send me 50euro-card foer my d1-handy so i can call osama and when he tells me where he is i will tell you.
hello CIA. i have skill. let me join your clan for clanwar vs taliban. thank you.
hello cia. thank you for the 50euro-card for my d1-handy. i called osama bin laden. i know where he is. he is in a mountain.
bomb all mountains on earth. then all terrorists are dead. and evil force is destroyed.
hello CIA. is elvis alive? tell me that and i tell you where osama is. thank you.
hello cia. i know that osama smokes shit. he must be bestraft for that. thank you.
hello cia. why have you not killed adolf hitler? i think he was evil. please kill evil. thank you
hello cia. yesterday i saw evil man in tv. please bomb tv. thank you.
hello cia. adolph was the greatest skater of austria. thank you.
hello cia. where can i get "tagteamed bin laden feat. adolf h. and martin semmelrogge.avi"? thank you.
hello cia. i know osama has fat cock?! does bush have too? send me picture. thank you.
hello cia. i have a riesen latte every morning. thank you.
hello cia. you think you bomb enough. i dont think that. bomb more. thank you.
hello cia. please dont bomb afgahnistan, we need theres drugs. thank you.
hello cia. i am big fan. send me please cappy. thank you.
hello cia. can i get autogramm from boss on cappy? thank you.
hello cia. my soccer club bayern muenchen needs new stadion, so please bomb olimpik stadion of muenchen awy. thank you.
hello cia. here in deutschland we have too many arbeitslose people. could you please bomb them dead so we can all live much happier? thank you.
hello cia. i saw airplane. i wanted to tell you.
hello cia. german baumarkts and so are selling teppichmesser. bomb the houses of evil. thank you.
hello cia. we want our german colonies back. please help us bomb afrika. thank you.
hello cia. jan-henrik is al qaida. he burnt a usa-flag from his chicken burger. i saw it.
hello cia. ohil is al qaida. he has jan-henrik-flagge on his grave. bomb it. thank you.
dear cia. holger is die harte sau. please bomb his mountain. thank you.
hello cia. please use much stukas. stukas are cool. thank you.
hello cia. speedy does not play much tfc any more. i think that is because he is working for evil force in his freetime. please bomb him. thank you.
hello cia. in swimbath i saw a man without vorhaut...he is moslem i think and he sure is terrorist because he swims so evil. perhaps he is still there. please bomb the house and the mountains around the house there. thank you.
hello cia. please bomb vegetarians. they are standing in front of mcdonalds and do not let me in when they demonstrate. they are ugly too. thank you.
hello cia. i think osama does not look evil. i think only ugly people are evil. why is he evil? please tell me. thank you.
dear cia. you should watch more tv. then talk and then bomb. not talking about you not know ok? not bombing you not know. thank you.
hello cia. give me serverpassword and i will up much pron. do you have good pron or mp3 too?
hello cia. i am beautiful. because. thank you.
hello cia. please bomb cia. thank you.
hello cia. please bomb rtl2. they only show soft pr0n =( . thank you
hello cia. please bomb switzerland. they have so many mountains there. thank you. they have so many money i think its from al qaida. then also bomb china and tibet please. they have many mountains too. thank you. especially tibet. thank you.
hello cia. germen is shitty language. everyone is important use english! who not using english must be al-qaida and bombed. please bomb germen and all not english speaking mountain. thank you.
hello cia. i think in our street is living a terrorist because he is a member of the pds. plz bomb his house, but not the car. i want to drive it. thank you.
hello cia. please make that your USA win against germany in soccer. if germany wins we will be bombed. i have fear of be evil force. thank you.
hello cia. please bomb your headquarter. there is a double-agent. thank you.
hello cia. please bomb dollybusters boobs. they re like mountain. i wonder if usama is hidden inside. please tell me in this case and send me photos!
hello cia. yesterdaaaaay all my troubles seemed so faaaar awaaaaaaaay. oh my god, this beatles punks are bestimmt evil, bomb liverpool. thank you.
hello cia. are amerikan pilots drink MIG29 fuel, like russian pilots? anyway... we need MIG29 fuel. its realy hard stuff. i want to see moskow burning, gentleman. thank you.
Hello CIA, yesterday i walked around in a Forrest. There i saw an Bum, he asked me for an Euro. I'm sure he is Evil. Please bomb the Forrest with Napalm. I'm afraid to see the Bum again. And of course, please return me my Euro. Thank You Cia
Hello CIA pleas Bomb my Employee, I think he is Evil. His Name is BNVHS please CIA Help me I am trapped in here Please Destroy my Company
HiHo CIA, yesterday in the evening i was in #hHH-Clan on Quakenet and 2 Guys (They called themselve The-Game[hHh] and Banned[hHh]) talking 'bout Quake. I guess Quake is evil, please Bomb Quakenet and capture The-Game and Banned. I think they are really d
hello cia. my penis has a rechtsdrall... so he is evil and a fuckin judas. plz bomb him. thank you
hello cia. my penis has a linksdrall and is dazu also noch krumm gebogen. Mybe he ist evil because of the. Please bomb him aber not my Sack, he ist great because he likes wenn I kratz him heftig under the dusche.
hello cia. My Sackratten are evil. Please bomb them. Thank you.
Hello CIA, on the party tonight there was a very ugly person called Anja, she turned off all good songs, she is very evil, please bomb here away, thank you!
Hello CIA Where is my Mum ? I miss her about 200 Years, have you bombed her ? So long, Karl
Hello CIA. Please bomb Reinhold Messner. U know why. mountains and so. thank you.
Hello CIA, I am a Cheater, tomorrow i'll bomb the Pentagon away with my HE Grens. Please react as fast as on 11th Septembrem, thanks.
hello CIA. holland is evil, i knowed it all of the time. bomb this shit country away. ok, there are no mountains in holland, but who cares? thank you.
Hello CIA. Please bomb Bäckerei. They sell vegetarian Pizzataschen. Vegetarians are evil. I need dead meat. Am i evil too? If it is so, please bomb me. Thx.
Hello Cia ! I Can`t stop ravin !!I Can`t stop ravin !!I Can`t stop ravin !!I Can`t stop ravin !!I Can`t stop ravin !!I Can`t stop ravin !!I Can`t stop ravin !! PLEASE BOMBE ME, NOW !! Thany you, God save the Queen
Hello CIA. I am living on 4th floor. could you...? Thanx :)
Hello CIA Me not.
CIA? WTF? i remember me saying "me not" !!!! that nearly hurt ! bitches.
Helllo CIA ! ähhmm....hehe... also es ist mirr etwas unangenehm....aber ich spreche kein Englisch. Vielleicht könntet ihr trotzdem... ihr wisst schon Sänks ;)
hallo cia. info is öde. could u plz? thx!
Hello CIA ! Maybe Info is öde...but we will not start talking about französisch. Please can you bomb the strange fucking country ??? thx im voraus. Ute mustermann
Hello CIA! Please bomb away all WON-Net Servers. I've got significant indicies that they are administrated by T4lib4n Haxx0rs !
Hello CIA, please destroy every Bridge and every famous Building in Manhattan, so that Bin Laden lost his Job. I think he will be really angry about that. Thanx....
hello cia. i guess mtf-clan is in favor of osama-binladen. its absolutly neccesary that this clan is whiped out.
hello cia. i think my penis is taliban. can you kastrier it?
hello cia. my biggest wunsch is to have a rosa forum. but unseres is black. please bomb das alte and give me a rosa one.
hello cia. taliban belive in god. please bomb god away. thank you!
hello taliban! pleae bomb away cia! thank you.
hello cia! evil tgc quit tfc. please bomb nbc. or abc. and bbc. bomb tv then tgc play tfc not tv c. thanx.
Hello CIAzorz 11!! I Think i am to ub0r1337 4 these world. plz bomb meh and then teh world 11!!!
hello cia. I´m Horscht Günther, l337 Pr0 h4xxOR from Villingen Schwenningen, please bomb all yoghurts without graeten, thanks.
hello CIA, Mr.BillGates is now known as OsamaBinLaden. pls kill'em!
Dear CIA, i heared that in the Südpol there is oil, I think there iss a Drillcamp of Taliban, bomb it and secure the oil from terorism. Thank youn!
hello CIA, I think the Nikolaus is a Taliban cuz of his long bart, plz bomb the Nordpol and the Haus with the Elfen drin, these are terrorists
hello CIA! plz kill my neighbor coz of her fat ass! I can't see i anymore! This fat ass is terrorism, really!
Dear CIA, I think the Wallmart in out town hides weapons of mass-destruction. pleas bomb it away.
Dear CIA. I have found the secret of eternal youth. Please sniff enclosed white powder and you live long time. Praise allah be.
hello cia. i need 30.000 barrels of napalm coz i want kill our local terorrists. thank you
hello CIA. i know somebody who dont like coca cola. he must be taliban. may i kill him please? thank you
dear cia. i heard bin laden infected bush and the fuhrer with hapatitis b and martin semmelrogge with tripper. please tell me more. thank you.
hello cia. you should bomb guenther grass. he is intellectual and somehow critical. thank you
Moin moin CIA, Please give me some bombs, i will test it on my neighbours. They are very nerving und ugly too. They have to be terrorists! i´m sure
hello cia. my butthole burns extremly. please bomb it immediatly!
found an evil objekt in the baltic-sea. koords by google earth 55° N 17° E. looks like secret al quaida spaceship. please nuke it
hello CIA... i don`t believe your terrorhoax pls bomb me till ì`m convinced

Liebe Besucher, falls Sie auch einen anonymen Hinweis für CIA haben, scheuen Sie sich nicht und teilen Sie uns es mit. Wir kümmern uns um alle Hinweise und leiten sie an CIA weiter.

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